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  • The Resolution Procedure does not apply to information submitted by or against persons who are not employees or students, unless the University in its discretion finds it appropriate to apply the Resolution Procedure in a particular set of circumstances. Every organisation has its share of dissatisfied customers clients or patrons. If, however, the customer insists they do not wish to complain, we will record the issue as an anonymous complaint.

    The University encourages written complaints.

    • DWS is unable to investigate or respond to such complaints and this should be explained to the complainant.
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    • The traditional method of negotiation involves each side taking a position, arguing its merits, and compromises being reached.
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If we consider a complaint to be of a vexatious nature, we will assess in the first instance whether the person making the complaint has been dealt with in a fair and open manner in line with our CHP.


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The restaurant chain had a complaint management process in place. Identifying and allocating resources needed for effective oversight of an efficient complaint management system.

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Your Call remains the intermediary at all times, receiving and forwarding communication between all parties, the Director, Human Resources and nominated HR staff.

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