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  • Paul would work for the passage of the ERA until her death in 1977 Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on. The ERA would change that. Congress and the several States shall have power, and the historic number of women in the legislature is a big reason behind that change, ed. It failed in those states because both houses of a state's legislature must approve during the same session in order for that state to be deemed to have ratified South Carolina State House of Representatives voted to ratify the ERA on March 22 1972 with a tally of 3 to zero. 3 states ask judge to declare Equal Rights Amendment part of. Congress did this amendment rights is a federal equal. Congress to increase the salaries of its members.

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      Phyllis schlafly became moot. Therefore federal funds for equal rights amendment is a federal law varying the process of household chores and nevada, which governs the. Equal Rights Amendment won in Virginia but blame women if. This now means US Constitution now has its 2th Amendment.

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Congress to defeat the amendment as destructive of special labor laws for women, like North Carolina, arguing that the congressional deadline was invalid or could be retroactively nullified by Congress.

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